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Specialty Mobile Mix Concrete

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Volumetric Mixer?

Though similar in size to a traditional drum mixer, a volumetric mixer (or site-mix truck) makes concrete. It is a concrete mixer on a truck that houses separate bins containing rock, sand, and cement as well as a water tank. Once on site, the truck has the capability of mixing precisely measured amounts of aggregate, cement, and water according to pre-programmed specifications for each job. In a nutshell, each truck is a mobile batch plant!

Is the quality the same as a traditional-style mixer?

Yes! We use the same ingredients from the same sources. But, the biggest advantage is that our product is a fresh as you can get because our product is not mixed until we arrive at your job site.

What are the benefits of site-mixed concrete?

  • you pay for what you use
  • it's eco-friendly
  • no waste = minimal cleanup
  • no hot loads

How many yards can your trucks hold?

Each of our four trucks can hold up to 8 yards of concrete.

Do you do any form and/or finish work?

We are strictly a concrete supplier. However, should you need a contractor to help build your forms or finish your delivered concrete, please call us. We work with numerous local contractors who we can happily refer to you.

What are your hours of operation?

  • Monday - Friday 7am to 4pm
  • Saturday - 7am to noon (April - November)
  • Sunday - available upon request (additional delivery fees apply)


Specialty Mobile Mix Concrete

Specialty Mobile Mix Concrete

Specialty Mobile Mix Concrete

Specialty Mobile Mix Concrete



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